Fudge and Stuff

Do you like fudge?  Do you like to try new recipes? Today I found a recipe online for Cotton Candy Fudge. I love cotton candy and I love fudge.  It is a win win.  I immediately copied it and saved it to my Recipes folder.  I also printed it because of course I want to make it as soon as possible.

Olivia licking beatersseth cooking

When my children were young they enjoyed being in the kitchen with me if I were making cookies, cakes or any variety of desserts.  They liked to measure and pour ingredients.  They enjoyed stirring.  The best part was licking the bowls, spoons, and mixer beaters.  Beyond desserts, I actually preferred cooking alone. It was my personal sanctuary time.  I know this means I overlooked many training opportunities.  Oh, well.  As the children became teens we did have structured cooking lessons.

I did more cooking with my daughter than any of her brothers, but they each did some.  She specialized in muffins and breads.  Making muffins became a source of income for her beginning at about eight years old as she made them fresh every Saturday morning and sold them to our neighbors.  This earned her the nickname Muffin Girl.

I have a heritage of amazing cooks.  Both my grandmothers raised and fed big families on tiny budgets and later were employed as cooks in an orphanage and a restaurant.  They rarely used recipes.  I had the privilege of watching them cook in their homes and “cooking” with them.  They were patient grandmothers who allowed me to participate.  I was especially thrilled as a ten year old when I was allowed to use the electric knife to slice banana bread.  A dearest memory is watching my maternal grandma frying homemade doughnuts, which she then cooled and threaded onto a wooden dowel rod.  The rod was laid across a big bowl.  She drizzled a glaze on the doughnuts and the glaze dripped into the bowl to be used again and again on the doughnuts till they were fully coated.  These warm, light and fluffy doughnuts were mouth- watering deliciousness.   I recently watched a 1984 home video of her making doughnuts.   I could almost taste them as I watched.


My mom cooking

I have learned much from my mom and mother-in-law.  My mom’s turkey dressing is the best in the world.  I love cooking with my daughter and daughters-in-law and sharing family recipes with them.  Recently one of them taught me how to make and decorate her amazing sugar cookies.   Cooking with the grandchildren is de-ja-vu, but better.   Cooking together makes many sweet memories especially if one is making fudge.

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