celebrating 100

Has your child ever celebrated a 100th day of school?  Perhaps it was in a kindergarten class.  I don’t know why but in thirty years of homeschooling we never had a 100th day of school celebration.  The point of this celebration is to help students gain a grasp of just how of much something is one hundred.

I have been blogging for seven months.  It has been an adventure.  I have not written 100 posts yet.  My most popular post was   https://dianesergeant.wordpress.com/2015/05/20/open-door/   Two days after it was posted it had 103 views.  It was my first post to go over the 100 views in a day.   It was worthy of a celebration.   2006_0507(012)

What things in your child’s life do you celebrate? Achievements, awards, accomplishments, and successes are all worthy of celebrating.  I propose creativity, effort, kindness, honesty, generosity and a host of other positive character traits should be celebrated.

A lesson that I did use a few times on the first day of a new school year was about initiative. I would begin with explaining that the first letter of a name is called the initial. Each student would write their initials.  Then we would discuss having and taking initiative.  Initiative can be seeing a need and addressing that need before being told to do so.  It is being the first to take action.  I would often watch for and support initiative in my children.  I intentionally developed initiative in them by talking about it, encouraging it and complimenting them regarding it.  This kind of positive reinforcement can be used to promote any character trait.  Celebrate affirmative character attributes.

How about giving thanks to our children for cooperation or humility, for being quick to forgive or volunteering to do something difficult?  Our daughter was always generous with her three older brothers even though they did not always return the favor.  She would regularly and willingly share her bag of candy or other treats. Sometimes they took advantage of her generosity, but that did not inhibit her. Today she is a generous adult.  Promote and applaud thoughtfulness, courtesy and appreciation.  Think about the character traits that you admire in yourself, your spouse, and others.  Begin to intentionally nurture those traits in your children.

2007_0104 Many adults struggle with being responsible, respectful, polite, flexible, patient, self-controlled, and dependable.   You may have to find separate methods for each individual child in order for them to each fully comprehend and desire to apply to their lives. Teach by your example.  Teach by using words of explanation or characters in a movie or story.  Tell them about your failures and how you should have handled something differently.  Teach with questions, such as “what are the possible responses or attitudes in a particular situation?”  You may be amazed at their perception and answers.

Whatever relationships, careers or paths your children choose to pursue as adults they will be better equipped to do so with strong positive character traits to aid and support them.

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