Light reveals

Glass and I have had a collision and the glass won.  When I was 18  I experientially discovered glass does not bend.  If you wrestle with the metal frame with enough determination and strength attempting to make it fit where it was not designed to fit, the frame will eventually loose and bend, however the glass will not bend.  It breaks.  Its many pieces fell on my face and body.   I was probably grimacing because my lips were spared but the largest cut was on the underside of my lower lip and down the length of my chin.  A few other smaller cuts were just bandaged but the one on my face required many stitches.  For at least a year I looked as though I had ketchup residue on my chin.  Decades later the scar is barely visible.

windowOne might think this episode would dampen my enthusiasm for washing windows, but it has not.  Initially I washed all my household windows frequently.  This eventually slowed down to spring and fall and now has settled on just once a year in the fall.  I wash all the curtains, clean the sills, wipe the screens and wash the windows inside and out.  In the home where we have been living for five years almost all the windows hinge inward for easier cleaning and have deep sills.   Window washing usually takes me a few days, primarily because I do not work at it non-stop.   Even as I write I am in the middle of this task which I started two days ago

Cloudy days are best for window washing.  Wherever the sun directly hits the window the cleaner may dry before being spread and wiped off leaving smudges. I love admiring my clean widows.  But often when the sunny days return the view is less than wonderful.  The bright light reveals the streaks and smudges that I missed. B window

Light and children can be similar.  We may consider ourselves to be mature and wise until we have children of our own.   Nurturing and caring for our children often reveals our selfishness, laziness or impatience. We discover there are many things about which we know nothing.

If you are fighting with your children’s temperament and personalities (their frames) be careful not to break them or yourself.  Slow down and reconsider a better approach.   It is true each child does not come with a written manual but they do carry your DNA and God can see into their hearts and minds better than you can. Ask God to give you wisdom to know how to guide and direct.

Sometimes we clash with our children because they are so similar to us and sometimes because they are so different from us.   Children are also rather mirror like reflecting us in them.   Are you pleased with who you see?  Perhaps it is you that needs to change and not them.

It is much easier to point at the flaws and imperfections we see in our children than to admit to our own shortcomings.  The light of our children’s naivety and innocence glassmay be revealing areas in our own lives that need correction or discipline. Parenting is tough but rewarding.  Don’t worry.  You will keep learning as you go along, and by the time they have families, you will be brilliant.

In the meantime, don’t be reluctant to read a few books or ask for advice.  You may be amazed how smart your own parents have become.

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