It is free, safe, legal, and makes you feel better.  It is a stress reliever and enjoyable.  Laughing.

I love to start my day with a breakfast of fried eggs, bacon, and the comics. My favorites are Family Circus, Zits, and the older I become the more I love, Pickles.  Laughing is good for us.  An ancient biblical proverb says “A merry heart does good, like medicine.”


My favorite movies are comedies or romantic comedies.  A drama or action film is acceptable as along as it has at least some comedic relief.   There are several family friendly comedians whom I enjoy.  I think the best are Tim Hawkins and Jim Gaffigan. In the night stand in my guest room I have a stack of comic books which include Keane’s I’m Taking a Nap!; Wilson’s The Official Book of Homeschooling Cartoons; McPherson’s Dangerously Close to Home; and Schulz’s Teen-Ager is Not a Disease.  I want my guests to laugh also.

It is good to laugh at ourselves. We all make mistakes and do silly things. I did not laugh when I crashed through a cabinet I was using as a step ladder and became trapped inside it with shards of splintered wood stabbing me.  I didn’t realize only the frame, and not the 3 flimsy shelves or its top, would be strong enough to support me.  I have had lots of laughs over it since that time.   I did not laugh immediately either when I backed into my friend’s car parked in my own driveway.  But it would have been hilarious on America’s Funniest Videos.  Especially because the video would have shown me speaking to him, walking past his vehicle, getting into mine and then plowing into his.  I am laughing now.

We always have a choice of how we will respond and react to situations.  Parents are being watched by children, who are not only seeing, but learning from you at all times.  Children also do and say very funny things.  I don’t recommend laughing at them unless they are also laughing.  Every parent has experienced having to hide laughter at their child’s antics while correcting or disciplining them.

I suggest you keep a journal of the funny things they say and do.  The physical act of writing will help you to remember it and later, maybe decades later, you will thoroughly enjoy rereading it and the memory will mentally transport you back to that time.

Here are just a few of my favorite entries from my funny things my kids did and said journal:

Eight year old son said, “I’m not normal.”  Mom cautiously asked, “What do you mean?”  He replied, “Most kids can make armpit noises like farts.”

Momma told four year old son he was good looking and someday the girls would be after him.  He said, “I’ll go out with them and then dump them with a dump truck.”

Three year old daughter looking out the window at the big pine trees said, “Look, Ma, hot dogs in the trees. We can climb up there and eat them.”  (she was looking at the elongated pinecones)

Take time today, especially if you are feeling stressed, to laugh, giggle, chortle, snicker, guffaw, hoot and even get slap-happy.  You will be glad you did and your family will be glad for your merrier heart.


P.S.  Comic books are a great way to motivate reluctant readers to enjoy reading.

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