Empty Nest Changes

Every time a grown child moves out there are noticeable changes.  It was most obvious when  #1 departed for college and when  #5, the last one, moved away after community college. Here are a few observations I have made.

  1. Food and toiletries last much longer.
  2. Utility bills are less. (especially water and electricity)
  3. Much quieter . . . . .ah
  4. No need to close internal doors.
  5. Plenty of wifi and data.
  6. No shuffling of cars in the driveway.
  7. Only 2-3 loads of laundry per week, as compared to the “high-water” mark of 12 loads per week.
  8. House stays much cleaner much longer.
  9. No lying awake in bed waiting for the last kid to come home and turn off the hall light.
  10. No one to blame when the back door doesn’t get locked overnight
  11. No excuses for buying Pop Tarts and Oreos.
  12. It is awfully quiet.

But sometimes they come back.  Plans change or things don’t work out as expected.   Sometimes they come back multiple times.  (#4 did!)  That new guest room or office space is reconverted to a bedroom.  They can do their own laundry and the increase in groceries and utilities isn’t so bad.  After all, it is only a season and they will be gone again.  It is rather nice having them around for a time.  I kind of like some of their music and movies.   Someday the move out will become permanent. It is hard to let the last one really go even though that is our goal and I know it is good for him.DSCN0376

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