Do with Dad

What do you do with your daddy? What did he do with you? (I am singing this to my own tune in my head.)  Fishing, camping, hunting, boating, hiking, kickball, badminton, watching TV and homework are things I remember doing as a kid with my dad.

Reflecting upon those camping and fishing trips, I wonder where the joy was for my dad. It seemed like he spent most of our fishing time untangling lines, fixing reels, or taking our fish off the hooks.  However, he kept taking us back to the water.

Once, while we were water skiing on the Mississippi River he decided he really wanted to ski even though he had not planned on getting in the water.  That did not stop him.  He removed his clothing and skied in his underwear.

If, at suppertime, we failed to give Dad a tall glass of ice tea, with ice which bumped your nose as you drank, he claimed we put him in dessert training.  If we cleared away the dishes too quickly after a meal he would accuse us of giving him “the bum’s rush”.  It was his way of teasing us.  But it was my dad who taught my sister and me how to do the dishes.  My mom worked full time on the third shift at M & M Mars candy factory. She always cooked a big meal for supper (a main dish, a potato or noodles, a vegetable or two and a salad) and then went to bed for a few more hours of sleep before going to work.  This is why Dad taught us how to do the dishes and clean up the kitchen.  Eventually he stepped away and we did it all.

I am thankful my dad and mom are still living and I am privileged to spend time with them.  Just watching TV with them is enjoyable, especially if, perchance, the Chicago Bears are playing.

The solitary thing for which I am most thankful regarding my dad and mom is their faith in Jesus Christ.  Their example of faith, love, and integrity are an amazing legacy.  Their faith points many to our Heavenly Father.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, especially mine, my husband and my sons.

(singing again) What do you do with your daddy? What did he do with you?

wedding dad

My dad and I. May 29, 1976.

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